For those who are becoming discouraged…who are “thinking” that everything is too messed up….that it has been too long and and it is too late for the fulfillment of God’s promises and destiny to you,  then this message is for you!

It is not too late!  It is all a divine set up and the Lord is showing up in His perfect timing to get the maximum glory out of your situation!  Read the examples in the Bible.  Lazarus had been dead 4 days and was “stinking”.  Jesus purposefully delayed the time of His coming to Mary and Martha to make the most of the situation.  Instead of merely healing Lazarus, He raised him from the dead and healed him!  Hallelujah!  You can read that both Mary and Martha believed Jesus had waited too late, but it wasn’t too late!  It was a divine set up of the Lord!  All to His glory!
The fishermen had washed their nets and called it a day when Jesus showed up and told them to cast those nets one more time.  They did and brought in the biggest catch of all!  They had given up for they thought it was too late.  But it wasn’t too late!  It was all a divine set up, and Jesus got the glory!
Abraham and Sarah had the promise of a son, but they thought it was too late for their bodies were too old to bring forth a son.  But is wasn’t too late!  It was just another divine set up to bring extraordinary glory unto the Lord!
Whatever it is that you are  have been believing the Lord for….healings, family members and friends saved, provision, ministries, personal promises birthed, don’t give up or give in!  It is not too late!  It’s just a divine set up!  The Lord is showing up in your circumstances to get the maximum glory! 
Keep standing and believing!  Just wait on the Lord to receive His promises and fulfill your divine destiny!
John 11:1-16/38-45
Luke 5:4-11
Genesis 21:1-7

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