There is a sound released from the heavenly realm resonating unto the ears of those who have the ears to hear.  It is a royal proclamation originating from the throne room of grace heralding the coming move of the Holy Spirit.


It is a call received by the sons of the King…those through whom the life of the Blood flows to overflow.


They are the Kings and Priests of the Most High God, and they are being called into their positions for such a time as this.


They are lowly and meek of heart seemingly with no comeliness or worth unto the world, but they are coming forth out of the wilderness clothed in the Light of the Glory of the Lord!


They are too numerous to count as they come forth girded in the mantles of the prophets of the past.


They shall operate in the synergy of prophetic power resounding as in ONE VOICE the heavenly sound that they have heard.


They come forth in the power of the Holy Spirit such that NO man shall stand before them.


They are the forerunners of the King of Kings.


They will tear down the walls built by man and the strongholds of the enemy to prepare and open the way for the King!


They shall sweep territories taking back for the Kingdom of God.


They are a mighty, mighty wave of the Holy Spirit , and they shall not be stopped though much and many shall rise up against them.


Resistance especially from those who should recognize and support them will be met with fire from heaven for no weapon formed against them shall prosper.  These are holy and mighty in the Lord God Almighty!!!  Even now they begin to come forth from the wilderness fully trained and armed by the food of the word and the water of the Holy Spirit.  They are mighty through and holy unto the Lord God Almighty!  They come to turn hearts unto repentance and holiness.  They come to prepare the way!


Acts 2:

2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.

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A Sound From Heaven