I see you, My spiritual giants! Though man does not see you nor even recognize you for who you are, I SEE AND KNOW you by name. Yes, you are mine! My faithful, obedient, humble servants. You are My hidden treasures highly valued and greatly loved. You secretly, but oh so diligently go about your Father’s work. You are not found in the finest suites, on the largest screens, or in overflowing auditoriums. No, you most often are found alone in the secret place with Me. You seek My face and My voice and My will in all things. You hear and then obey Me. Your labors are hard, unseemly, and menial to mankind. Your names are not in lights much less recognized by man, but you go into the darkness and highways and byways of this world, and with every step of your feet you spread My Light and Love. You are humble and lowly of this world, but in My Kingdom you soar! You bow low before Me, and go where I would have you go. You seek not recognition and accolades of man, but only the assurance of knowing you have pleased Me. You seek those that I seek, the broken, the battered, those deemed worthless and unlovable in this world. You humble yourself and put their needs before your own for it is My heart’s desire that they be found. You are weak of the flesh, poor of the riches of this world….but I recognize you as you are in My Kingdom, My spiritual giants strong in My Holy Spirit and rich in your Father’s love, favor, and blessings. Today I say to you, I AM well pleased, and you are greatly loved!
I Peter 5:
6Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:

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