You have been in a time of intense warfare. The battles have been many, and you have suffered greatly. With each new onslaught, you have stood and done all that you have known and been lead to do.  There has been none of the world to help or uphold you. It has seemed as if all of the world has come against you. Just as one battle has ended, another has begun.  Nevertheless, you have remained steadfast in your obedience and faith in Me.  You have waited for Me.  You have looked for Me and hoped in Me through it all.  You have prayed and believed though you have not yet seen.  You have stood against the most violent of attacks with your face set like flint.  Now you are so battle-weary and fatigued, but you still stand!  I say to you this day, Now will I arise on your behalf.  I Myself will rise up against your enemy.  I say, it is enough.  I AM now appearing on the scene to actively effect your circumstances.  Be still and know that I AM God, and I will be exalted! 
Isaiah 33:
10Now will I rise, saith the LORD; now will I be exalted; now will I lift up myself.

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  1. Thank you for today’s reading it is right on!! Woke up this morning hearing in my spirit “NOW WILL I ARISE”
    So I did an online bible search to find it in God’s Word, and found your website THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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