My beloved,  I have impeded your progress in a particular direction abruptly for your own protection.  As your loving Father and protector, I AM redirecting your steps.  Though the pain and distress of this moment seem almost unbearable, know that I have saved you from the terrible consequences that would have been realized by your continuing in the same direction.  You have been spared from long-term suffering, torment, and sorrow by My intervention on your behalf now.  It will all work to your good and be revealed so as you continue to walk forward in My path for you.  I plan to bestow upon you an abundant and joyous future.  I will replace and restore all that was removed with My best for you.  You will not regret this change of direction, and soon you will be giving thanks that I loved you enough to act on your behalf.  Just trust Me, and wait patiently for My plans to break forth. Do not judge the  final outcome by your current circumstances for it is too soon to do so.  Withhold your final judgment until the fullness of My plans for you are revealed.  Even now, I AM moving on your behalf to bring your circumstances into alignment with My plans for you. Your life is not over….it is just beginning!  My blessings are overtaking you, and you will walk in fullness of joy!
Proverbs 16:
25There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

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