For the past couple of days, I have been hearing in my Spirit……

The Lord is charging you to be courageous enough and firm enough in your faith in Him to believe not just for the possible, but for the impossible…that which “looks” as if it cannot be done or fulfilled!  He is reminding you that He is the One True God and that with Him NOTHING is impossible.  If He has said it, He will do it!  You have heard right!  Yes, it “looks” impossible, but that is what makes it such an opportunity for God to be glorified.  Your personal infirmities, weaknesses, inabilities, shortcomings, and failings matter not.  God is all-sufficient!  What He has decreed to be shall be done no matter the difficulties or challenges that seem to stand in the way!  God has made the way.  You are the one that He has called and chosen to use in His bringing about of this seemingly impossible feat.  Be sure that He will be with you to strengthen and encourage you along the way.  He will not fail or abandon you to failure in the middle of the work, but will see you through to the successful completion of the work. You must only remain strong and courageous by focusing on the awesome power and might of the One Who has called you!  Dare to believe your Lord…for with Him, the impossible becomes possible!!! 
Luke 1:
 37For with God nothing shall be impossible.

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